#TheReal10 lets women put their faces on $10 bill — but there’s a catch


Kickstarter on public good over private riches: ‘Don’t sell out your values’

“We believe that a universe only driven by profit maximisation can be poisonous, to culture especially.”

In a single sentence during his appearance at the Web Summit conference, Kickstarter chief executive Yancey Strickler set out the principle behind the crowdfunding company’s recent decision to turn itself into a public benefit corporation (PBC).

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May calls for internet companies to store details of website visits

Home secretary tries to sweeten snooper’s charter by stating that police will need judicial approval to access internet connection records

Theresa May is to propose a major extension of the surveillance state when she publishes legislation requiring internet companies to store details of every website visited by customers over the previousyear.

The home secretary will try to sweeten the pill of her revived snooper’s charter on Wednesday by announcing that the police will need to get judicial authorisation before they can access the internet connection records of an individual – something that is currently banned in the US and every European country, including Britain.

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from Technology | The Guardian http://bit.ly/1Q4tIzu