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Bring a little Christmas cheer with a cryptocurrency

If you’re stuck for a gift idea, there’s always bitcoin! Or perhaps not

What do you buy the person who has everything? How about bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has hardly been out of the headlines in the past few weeks? Of course there is a problem, and that is that a surge of interest has seen its price increase by a factor of 17 this year and by more than 15% last week alone.

But if you are really determined to take part in the volatility, there are other ways. Part of last week’s interest came because bitcoin effectively entered the mainstream, with the Chicago Board Options Exchange launching contracts allowing investors to bet on the future price of the currency. This weekend, Chicago-based CME follows suit, albeit with higher margin requirements – how much investors have to set aside as collateral – than its rival’s.

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Oldham nursery rated inadequate after it wasn’t warm enough and the front gate was left unlocked

The gate was left unlocked as children played outside and inside the heating wasn’t kept on
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How to get a FREE Christian Louboutin makeover – with prosecco and chocolate thrown in too

Designer shoe king Christian Louboutin now has a make-up and perfume range in Manchester, and to celebrate staff are giving FREE makeovers complete with a glass of prosecco – we give it a try

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When real life doesn’t quite match the Instagram pictures… Fress in the Northern Quarter reviewed

Northern Quarter newcomer Fress may have an impressive Instagram life but does the food match up without the filter?

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