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Apple aims to appease customers with free MacBook keyboard repairs

Company’s admission over faulty keyboards follows litany of complaints

Apple has admitted that its MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop keyboards made since 2015 are susceptible to becoming stuck or breaking, and is promising to repair them for free.

Following a litany of user complaints across support forums, specialist media, class action lawsuits and 31,000-strong online petitions, Apple said it had determined that a “small percentage of the keyboards” were affected by the issues.

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from Technology | The Guardian http://bit.ly/2MWKzWV

End of the line: our guide to the death of the telephone

The only person who rings your landline is your mum. And now even mobile calls are passé. How did this happen?

When did we fall out of love? Why did we stop talking? How hard is it to pick up the phone? Apparently, quite hard. Research indicates a quarter of smartphone users never use them to place a voice call. It’s not just digital natives; I can’t remember the last time I called a friend for a chat. The idea is as alien as eating a pint of mayonnaise prawns, or standing when a lady enters the room. Getting a phone call is even worse: it feels like being hijacked, or thrust on stage at the Albert Hall, without a script. With email, messaging, hangouts and social media on the menu, it’s not as if we suffer a lack of options when it comes to asking honey about their day. But are we losing something? Let’s take a look at the ways we still talk, to see if conversation really is dying, and if it even matters.

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Uber’s appeal over London licence ban begins

Magistrate to decide if Uber is ‘fit and proper’ to operate after reforming business

Uber’s appeal against the decision not to renew its licence in London will begin on Monday.

The hearing will be held at Westminster magistrates’ court and will last for several days.

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from Technology | The Guardian http://bit.ly/2K6PZBb